The Value of a ‘Rain Man’ Morning:

My week’s been hectic as, in addition to the usual work shenanigans, my mother checked into the hospital Monday and will be having surgery this afternoon.

On the upside, I have two marvelous siblings who responded decisively. One got on a plane yesterday, the other flies out to her this weekend.

Given that reassurance, I attempted to run my business– and my life– as usual: conference calls, meetings, email, email, email…..I stayed on top of the usual strategy, planning, decision-making.

Or so I thought.

Thankfully, the marvelous man in my life said to me last night—as I was considering how I was going to wedge yet another activity into the upcoming 72-hours of the salad spinner that is the remainder of my week—“Stop.”

It seems I was a bit more wacko than usual.

And so I gave myself what I am calling a Rain Man Morning.

Those of you who haven’t seen this marvelous movie: I recommend renting it immediately.

Those of you who have are sure to remember the Dustin Hoffman character, an autistic savant, who maintains his composure by keeping obsessive track of facts and belongings, and rigidly controlling schedules and activities.

These are the ways he has found to soothe himself and maintain an illusion of control.

This is what I needed.

Given that, I have spent my morning doing a bit of what I call ‘garden yoga’ (walking around talking to the plants, deadheading and composting,) playing ball with the dog, sweeping inside and out, and writing this post.

I feel better.

While I’m also likely to be getting on a plane in the not-too-distant future, taking the time to stop and exhale was invaluable. We all have crazy weeks, and when family drama gets thrown in, the potential for things to get baroque skyrockets.

At which times I highly recommend a Rain Man morning.

Frances Cole Jones