Want to Know (and — More Importantly– Manage) What Your Boss is Thinking? Here’s How:

Hello, hello:

It’s that time again: my newest installment on Archetype Me is available: https://www.archetypeme.com/

Today I’m letting you in on a) what your boss is thinking and— more importantly—b) what you can do about it.

For example:

Fashionistas will discover why making your cubicle a catwalk makes your boss a little tense.

Athletes will learn the value of talking strategy, not action.

Intellectuals will be reminded of the importance of not “incorrecting” their boss.

Spirituals will hear the one phrase they use that drives their boss bananas.

Explorers will be given the magic phrase that keeps their boss from wanting to kill the cat when their curiosity is aroused.

Visionaries will be told to whom they can safely delegate.

And much more! (After all, there are 12 Archetypes)

So I encourage to log in, take the quiz, discover what you are, and learn how you may be able to improve your relationship with your boss—starting today.

Frances Cole Jones

P. S. In my next installment, I cover what bosses do that drives employees crazy….if you have any ideas on this, now is the time to weigh in…..