What’s Your Archetype? (Some Exciting News)

Hello, hello:

Today I’m excited to announce that in addition to my Wow-work, I will be writing the career advice for an ingenious new website called “Archetype Me”


How does Archetype Me work?

First, you take a quiz that determines your primary archetypes: Explorer, Visionary, Advocate, Intellectual, Caregiver, Tastemaker, Royal, Rebel, Spiritual, Creative, Performer or Athlete.

Once you’ve done that you receive content that’s customized for you: your tastes, your interests, your passions.

For example, with regard to career advice, this week Rebels will learn the importance of being specific with others about how you want feedback; Athletes will discover how to use their competitiveness as fuel; and the Magic Ask will be revealed to Royals.

I look forward to having you determine your Archetypes and await your feedback!

Frances Cole Jones

P.S. For those of you who are wondering I am an Intellectual/Spiritual/Caregiver….is anybody surprised?