“Interview Wow” has been UPDATED-and (for one week only) it’s FREE

Hello, hello,

In preparation for the new year, I spent the fall updating “Interview Wow”: my app for the iPhone and iPad.

As those of you know who have downloaded the app, it already contained:

  • 9 research questions you must have the answers to (and the answers to those questions)
  • 6 videos (The unprepared interviewer/the passive aggressive interviewer/the ‘by-the-book interviewer; The unprepared interviewee; the overly-anxious interviewee/the too-cool-for-school interviewee)
  • 3 of the worst questions/scenarios that can occur in an interview (and—Snap!–the answers to those questions)
  • A 72-hour pre-interview checklist that ensures you arrive calm, cool and collected

The updated “Interview Wow” includes all of the above PLUS:

  • 10 do’s and don’ts for Etiquette Excellence (Hint: Don’t order the calamari)
  • 8 ways to Ace an Informational Interview (Hint: Don’t offer to take them to lunch)
  • 7 additional (horrific) interview questions and scenarios—and (Snap!) their answers (Hint: what to do when they say, “I just don’t think you’re the right fit for this position…”)
  • 4 ways to actively Create Camaraderie (Hint: you can have a great interview and blow it waiting for the elevator—here’s how to avoid that…)

Normally, the app is 99 ¢ but — for one week—
you can download it for free.

I hope you do.
I hope you love it.
Keep me posted!

Frances Cole Jones