It You’re Not Grateful for It, Maybe It’s Time for the Old Heave Ho

As you’ve likely noticed, this week is a time when everybody has a lot to say about being thankful for this and that– and that’s wonderful.

In addition, my plan is to use this week to take a look at those things I may not be grateful for, yet to which I cling for reasons that sometimes defy my (and others’) understanding.

What kinds of things am I talking about? Well, everybody’s list will look different but a few examples might be:

“My unanswered calls”
“My dirty car”
“My cluttered office”
“My mountain of laundry/bills/recycling”
“My bad knee/back/elbow….”
“My preposterous coffee consumption/smoking/addiction to Facebook”
“My friend so-and-so…..well, she’s not really a friend….”

Do any of these ring bells for you?

Because if any of the above (or any of the items on your list) aren’t habits/ thought patterns/people you want to carry with you into the new year, now is a marvelous time to (at least mentally) begin to loosen your ties to them.

After all, Thanksgiving is just the first step on the slippery slope that’s going to slide you right into 2013.

And if you aren’t able to either be grateful for them– or at least pinpoint a way in which they serve a purpose in your life– maybe it’s time to give them the old heave ho.

Frances Cole Jones