Don’t Compare Your Behind-the-Scenes to Other People’s Highlight Reel

I don’t know about you, but these days I’m feeling overwhelmed. Adding Sandy, the election, and a nor’easter to the regular business of work and life has left me feeling like I’m drunk and being tossed in a blanket.

Compounding this sensation is the mental ennui that sets in when checking (some) others’ social media—you know the ones I mean. They’re often scripted along the lines of,

“Keynoted a speech, made the costumes for junior’s elementary school play, knit my hubby a sweater, de-wormed the dog, had four conference calls, ordered new kitchen curtains, and now I’m going to make some homemade soup for lunch!”

Leaving aside that both “keynoted” and “hubby” are words that make me feel ill, the relentless peppiness of the above inspires me to do little more than take a long winter’s nap.

But then I remember: compare and despair.

Because the fact is that there are many days when you (and I) are at the top of our game (though I hope we don’t post it so relentlessly….) Days when we are inspired, visionary, commanding, organized and unflappable.

But nobody has that day everyday— not without illicit medication.

So if you, too, feel like you’re enjoying a drunken blanket ride, step away from the madness. Breathe. Play with your kids or your dog. Look at the snow.  Do a little light filing if you’re so inclined.

But do not continue to compare your behind-the-scenes to other people’s highlight reel.

Frances Cole Jones