How to Handle that (Hideous) ‘Softball’ Question

In my line of work, a softball question is anything that’s so big you don’t know what to swing at.

(In your day-to-day life, it might sound something like, “Read any good books lately…?”)

In a job interview, two of the most common softballs are, “What are your career goals?” and “What can you contribute?”

For many people, hearing either of these is enough to make them want to bang their head on the desk.

It seems readers at feel the same way, because I was recently asked to answer both questions in my new role as one of their ‘job interview experts’ (Most exciting)

I tackle both in 60 seconds apiece.

To watch: click the links, below:

  1. Answering “What Can You Contribute” in a Job Interview
  2. Discussing Career Goals in a Job Interview

I look forward to your thoughts!

Frances Cole Jones