Tweet Wisely or Forever Hold Your Peace

As some of you know, I was an avid tweeter until about a year ago when an…incident…. occurred on my account. (Have you ever noticed how the Metropolitan Transit Authority-types enjoy employing the word ‘incident’?  A voice comes over the loudspeaker proclaiming, “There’s been an ‘incident’ on the 6 train” Far better than, “Someone just got mugged on the 6 train.” At any rate…)

Due to the incident, Twitter and I took a break from one another. Today, however, I’m happy to announce our differences have been resolved. So in the spirit of recommitting to Twitter, I’m sending along a few do’s and don’ts for building your own Twitter following. Rule number one:

  • Tweets are forever: Don’t tweet anything you wouldn’t want to see on the front page of the New York Times.

After that, the other elements I consider mandatory are:

  • Be amusing without being mean-spirited.

For example, I have tweeted about T-shirt slogans I found preposterous:  i.e. that “Avoid Responsibility” is not the slogan-T to I’d wear to work; nor would I choose as the email address on my résumé.

  • Offer actionable information people can use to run their business, or their life, more efficiently.

For myself, this has included items along the lines of “Here’s a great telephone greeting I heard,” and “Wow, this big box store understands customer service. Not only gave my dog a cart to ride in- they gave him a pillow to sit on.” In both cases, both readers, and the businesses mentioned, wrote to thank me.

  • Additionally, and despite the 140 character restrictions, do not fall back on abbreviations, emoticons, and/or any other trappings of the junior high school set.

As you’re not in high school anymore, your tweets shouldn’t sound like you’re stuck in detention.

Used wisely, Twitter is a great way to help others feel connected to you and your business. But just because its immediacy gives it a shotgun-wedding-in-Vegas feel, doesn’t mean the words you commit to it aren’t important, and binding. So tweet wisely, or forever hold your peace.

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Frances Cole Jones