Appropriate Attire for All Occasions

What to Wear to Wow:

I recently did another set of videos for eHow, this time the on “Appropriate Attire for All Occasions

What kind of occasions did I cover? Well, what women should wear to funerals (no matter what you wear, bring your own handkerchief!) ; what men should wear to holiday parties (no reindeer sweaters please); what everyone might wear to an outdoor cocktail party (in which I mention that a spritz of bug spray on the wrists and ankles goes a long way to improving your experience); what men might wear to a dinner interview (hint: where is it taking place?) and what everyone should wear to court (a bra– yes! a belly shirt– no!)

But here’s the complete list for your viewing pleasure:

  1. What is the Attire When You Go to a Dinner Interview
  2. Proper Court Attire
  3. Formal Suit Etiquette
  4. Acceptable Formal Attire for Cruises
  5. Semi-Formal Attire: Levels of Formality
  6. Etiquette for Suit Jackets
  7. What Women Should Wear to a Funeral
  8. Recommendations for Men’s Interview Attire at Dinner
  9. What is Holiday Casual Attire for a Guy?
  10. What is Outdoor Cocktail Attire?

As always, I look forward to your thoughts!

Frances Cole Jones

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