“How to Behave in a Limousine” and Other Modern-Day Etiquette Questions

A few months ago, I was asked by eHow.com to be their video “etiquette expert”.

The way eHow.com works is that readers send in their questions, and I answer them in (very short!) videos.

Consequently, I spent one January day, tackling the subjects below:

  1. Linen Trousers Etiquette
  2. What Kind of Facial Hair is Acceptable in the Corporate World?
  3. Dress Etiquette at a Metropolitan Opera
  4. Dining Etiquette While You Are Wearing a Suit
  5. The Etiquette of Passing Dishes a the Table
  6. Limousine Etiquette
  7. How to Write a Fancy Letter
  8. 10 Questions to Ask a Corporate Event Planner
  9. The Etiquette of Eating with Fingers
  10. Restaurant Etiquette for Dropped Utensils

I had a ball doing them all (though my favorites are “Limousine Etiquette” and “Restaurant Etiquette for Dropped Utensils“) I look forward to hearing which you enjoy most!


Watch the Entire Video Series →