Wow—it’s Time to Buy My Colleagues/My Boss/My Clients a Present

Yes, it seems it’s that time of year—not my favorite, if you must know. (In fact, in my dream world, I would be like Sleeping Beauty: eating the apple that has me fall asleep just before Thanksgiving, and having Prince Charming Heimlich it out of me on January 2nd.)

Since it’s unlikely that particular wish will come true, however, I thought I’d do a quick roundup of possible gifts for your boss, colleagues or clients, as well as cover a few I’d prefer you steer clear of.

In fact, why don’t we begin with those:

I think we can all agree that anything along the lines of a thong-party-pack/a full-body-wax/a gift certificate for a home visit from Super Nanny is likely to end poorly.

I’m also not a fan of a gag gifts/toys: magic 8 balls, miniature putting greens, desk-sized Zen gardens and the like. While they may be funny in the moment, they generally just end up being clutter.

What then, do I recommend?

For the tech-obsessed: the charge-pod “spider” keeps all your devices fully charged, and allows you to extend the party to those around you.  This flexible keyboard can also make life on the road far more…flexible.

For the “office proud”: When a client asks for water, isn’t it nicer to pour something from a carafe than to hand them a plastic bottle of insert-your-favorite-brand-here? I’m obsessed with this drip-free carafe, but you can also make your life easy by ordering this one from Amazon.

Many people enjoy gifts that go away, i.e. wine, chocolate, etc. For chocolate (and macaroons….oh, the macaroons….) like you’ve never seen experienced before, I recommend Maison du Chcolat.  For great wine (at stellar prices!) become a member (it’s free!) at Wines Til Sold Out.  The deals go on all day, every day and shipping is free.

And if you have any great ideas for me, I’d love to hear them. (FYI: I’m a last-minute shopper so keep’em coming.)

Frances Cole Jones