Welcome to “The Year of Absurd Prosperity”: The Readiness is All

Before I begin, allow me to wish you happy, jolly, merry, joy. Regardless of what’s on your calendar for the holidays—whether it’s hosting 100 of your nearest and dearest or donning your oldest pajamas and settling in for a long winter’s nap—I wish you peace and contentment.

And now, as Bugsy would say, “On with the show.”

As those of you know you’ve been subjected to me in an in-person-kind-of-way in recent months, this past October I dubbed 2012 “The Year of Absurd Prosperity”. 

What was my thinking—particularly in this economy? What was my plan?

Here’s the big secret: there is no plan.

No, no plan.

I have abandoned the idea that any plan I might make is—frankly— grand enough.

What I discovered when I sat down and really looked at my past, is that any ‘plans’ I’ve were just houses of cards next to the gigantic Barbie’s-Malibu-dream-houses of opportunity that have ultimately come my way.

In other words, I’ve noticed that the universe is not limited by my lack of imagination.

I’m guessing the universe feels the same about your lack of imagination, too.

My job, then, has simply become to be willing. To be ready. To be standing by so that when the universe says, “Jump,” my response is “Can do.”

To that end, my only plan is to spend the holidays getting my house, my health and my relationships in order, so I am ready to take orders.

The readiness is all.

If you are feeling like even that is too much then ask yourself, “Am I uncomfortable with the way things are?” If your answer is “Yes,” that is enough. Because if you are uncomfortable with the way things are, then on some level you are already moving toward change.

My thinking is that you’re likely to get your version of Barbie’s Malibu Dream House, too, if you concentrate less on outlining your plans for change—plans made by a mind limited by past experience– and more on being willing to actually do some changing.

Willing to think differently.

Willing to be surprised.

Willing to accept the idea of absurd prosperity.

Are you willing? Let me know.

Because I’m not interested in your plans—I’m interested in finding out if you’re ready.

See you in 2012.

Frances Cole Jones