Need to Wow Your Job Interview? Here’s how!

Join Frances Cole Jones, author of “How to Wow” and “The Wow Factor”, and learn how to:

  • Expand your current network and build upon your existing one
  • Ensure you stand out at job fairs and networking events
  • Maximize the all-important informational interview (not to mention learning how to get the interview)
  • Optimize all three elements of your message: verbal, vocal, and visual
  • Pitch yourself memorably in person, on the phone or by e-mail
  • Incorporate the 12 most persuasive words in the English language
  • Increase listener buyin from 60 to 94% with one proven phrase
  • Navigate the compensation conversation
  • Get past the gatekeepers to the people who can actually hire you
  • Present your best self in phone interviews, lunch interviews, 2nd & 3rd round interviews


  • The answer to, “Tell me about yourself” (Note: it’s not an invitation to talk about yourself)
  • The nine research questions you must have the answers to (and the answers to the questions)
  • The answers to the worst 3 questions you’ll be asked

Here’s the best part: This webinar is only $35, for as many people as you can fit around your computer! Got an office? Pull them all into the conference room. Work on your own? Grab three friends and split the cost! Sign up here*, and we’ll see you on the 27th!


Date: Wednesday, April 27th, 2011
Time: 8 PM Eastern / 5 PM Pacific
Location: On your computer

Here is what colleges have to say…

“Frances Cole Jones is a dynamic and entertaining speaker, who presented some terrifically useful tips and advice to our students.  The students were able to giggle at themselves while gaining valuable perspective into the quirky little “no-nos” they may not realize they do, and on the big things that can either rule you out in the eyes of the employer, or can win you the job!  Her books are great resources as well, and we gave them out as door prizes at our event.  The students loved it.” –Carol Sharick, Career Center, Amherst College

“Frances Jones’s presentation, “Enhancing Your Personal and Professional Presentation Skills,” was enthusiastically received by the students at New York Institute of Technology. Students’ favorable reactions included:

“It was fun and unexpectedly insightful.”
“Extremely active and interactive speaker. Excellent!”
“She gave really useful advice.”

“Thank you Frances, for being our star presenter last year; we hope you will come back again.” –Charlene DeGregoria, Office of Career Services, New York Institute of Technology

“Frances’ keynote was one of the highlights of our 4th annual Seminar on Success for juniors and seniors. Students learned skills they could use immediately as they network and interview for job/internship opportunities. Frances delivered her talk in an upbeat, interactive, and entertaining way that left students feeling inspired and prepared to face the next stages of their lives. –Beth Poole, Office of Alumni Relations, Connecticut College

“I had the opportunity to see Frances speak at The Small College Career Alliance Conference. Typically, speakers’ information isn’t that applicable to the work I do.  Frances was different. Her energy, the way she spoke, and the way she got the audience to interact was really something. The information she presented was not only interesting but exactly the kind of information our students need to know! Both How to Wow and The Wow Factor are in our career library. We recommend them to many students because their information is so applicable to work, interviews and everyday life.” –Aimee M. Cunningham, Career Development Office, Vassar College