Post Emily Post: Would You Rather Hear about “Worries & Problems” or “Welcome & Pleasure”?

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to speak at the UnderFashion Club in NYC. (See the video link, below, for a short ‘teaser’). Among the topics of discussion was the new trend of responding respond to “Thank you,” with “No worries!” – as if everyone in NYC had suddenly become an extra in a Crocodile Dundee movie.

That bit of preposterousness aside, I submit to you that “No worries,” like “No problem,” is an unfortunate response for a larger reason: if you’ve just finished helping someone/making them happier, why would you bring up worries and problems? Far easier on the ear—not to mention my psyche—are “You’re welcome,” or “My pleasure.”

In the past, I’ve received some pushback on this from people who complain, “Oh, but that seems too formal.” OK….and? What’s wrong with a formal acknowledgement of another’s thanks? Apparently you’ve done something kind/correct/marvelous. Someone is seeking to let you know they are grateful. If you’re uncomfortable being acknowledged for your work, would it be so terrible for you to formally receive their gratitude?

I’m hoping your answer to that is,  “No.” I’m hoping you’ll discover it would be your pleasure.