101 More Women Bloggers to Watch for 2010

I’m very proud to be on this list! From WE Magazine for Women:

This list of inspiring and aspiring bloggers is one of our best yet. Most of the women bloggers to watch that made this list have been blogging for at least 2 years, but we do have some relative newcomers to the world of blogging.  Each blog has a style of its own with substantive content that is both interesting and targeted to specific demographics. This list is different from the last few we have published in that many of these women bloggers were nominated by others who read previous lists of our women bloggers and left a comment in our comment section mentioning their favorite blogs.  Blogs about business, life, motherhood, finance, religion, sports, fitness, food, lifestyle, coaching, mentoring, the arts, crafts, wellness, travel, beauty, fashion, writing, careers, going green, technology, sex, work at home and more. We even added a few health-specific topic blogs to the mix this year.

I am sure you will enjoy reading about these women and checking out their blogs as much as WE had putting this list of Women Bloggers to Watch.

If you do stop by their blogs, please let them know you heard about them at WE Magazine for Women. Our Mission is to Showcase Women, their talents, treasures and expertise focusing on Busy Women on the Move.


Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher

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