What’s Your Type? How Knowing Your Learning Type Can Help You at Work

I’m mentioned in this article published on The Uncorporate MBA:

Well, it’s been one week at my new job, and I’m so tired!  Adjusting to a bunch of different things – being back to work in general, working at a small company as opposed to a large corporation (which I love, by the way…), and having to find time to take care of a house!  So in honour of me returning to work (which requires an immense amount of new material to absorb), I thought I would write about the different learning techniques and how you can help yourself learn new material by knowing what method you learn with best.

If you’re new to the methods of learning, there are three basic ways: hearing, seeing, and doing.  Everyone generally uses a mixture of all three, but have a dominant method.  Since mine happens to be doing (kinesthetic), that is the method I am able to give the most info on…

A ‘quick and dirty’ way of determining what method you are can be found here – it’s a quick 10 question quiz, and also the source of much of this info.

VISUAL LEARNERS (about 60% of the population)

You….prefer to see new things in print, may make up ‘movies’ in your mind, pay close attention to body language, can easily remember info presented in charts/diagrams, write down directions, may interrupt and change the subject frequently (since our eyes take in quicker than our words can come out).

How to use this knowledge to your advantage:

  • when presented with new information, put it into a chart/diagram or draw pictures to explain concepts
  • use pictures as opposed to words in your presentations
  • in meetings, sit where you can see what the presenter is doing

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