Announcing the Interview Survival Kit App

I’m very happy to announce that my new Interview Survival Kit app is now available as a FREE downloadable app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Complete with six different job interview scenario videos (who hasn’t had that passive aggressive interviewer? Or encountered the too-cool-for-school interviewee?) the nine questions (and answers!) you must research beforehand; answers to the worst five questions you can imagine getting; and a 72-hour pre-interview checklist/countdown clock, the Interview Survival Kit ensures you will be calm and confident, no matter what the situation.

Key Features

  • iOS 4 / iPhone 4 Ready!
  • Video examples demonstrate situation handling
  • Alert Notifications organize your planning with a 72 hour step-by-step countdown
  • Research Roundup give you the top questions to consider
  • SNAP! Answers to tough questions help you ace any interview.

Happy downloading– I look forward to your thoughts!