Sacramento Book Review: The Wow Factor

Filed in Business & Investing on February 13, 2010

By Frances Cole Jones
Ballantine Books, $23.00, 184 pages

To do, or not to do, that is the question. But if you’d do nothing more than count, you can be very sure that Frances Cole Jones’ The WOW Factor: 33 Things You Must (And Must Not) Do To Guarantee Your Edge In Today’s business World has more than 33 things for you to do or not to do.

Where to begin? There’s a whole lot so it is good to start from the very beginning and not get tempted to jump around. Ideally, and to make it really work for you, you should do everything this book tells you to do, or not to do— one at a time. But then, it’s easy enough to pick out only the juicy bits and leave the rest. It might or might not work, but the risk is yours to take anyway.

“This world demands creativity, fluidity, and persistence the likes of which few of us have had to call on before.”

In any case, if you need is that little edge, a factor that sets you apart, even if it only means a more polished presentation, take up Frances Cole Jones on her many workable advise from this book. Who knows, one or two is all you really need to really “wow” things up.

Reviewed by Dominique James