The 8 Cylinders of Success and Good Excuse Goals

I am proud to announce two new books by my colleague, Jullien Gordon: The 8 Cylinders of Success and Good Excuse Goals. The first books helps you figure out where to go in life personally and professionally and the second book explains how to get there through community and goal setting. Jullien’s ultimate intention is to create the world’s most effective purpose-driven goals setting community.

The 8 Cylinders of Success addresses underemployment—the state of employment where an individual is working below their potential because they aren’t passionate about the work or their employer doesn’t bring out the best in them by allowing them to play to their strengths. Good Excuse Goals is new goal setting methodology proven to end procrastination and perfectionism forever through setting event-based goals in small groups every 30 days instead of date-based goals every year.

All pre-orders receive free shipping and will be delivered by December 15th, just in time for the holidays. Order one as a gift for someone you know and one for yourself. Thank you for supporting Jullien in his pursuit of his purpose as he seeks to help others find and align their lives with their purpose!