“No Sweat” Makes Me Sweat

I did a quick Tweet the other day on my aversion to mixing slang and bodily functions, and received so much mail about it that it occurred to me I might want to write up an ‘expanded edition.’

My initial note mentioned that “Pick your brain,” “Sweat equity” and “Behavioral Leakage” made me feel nauseated…just a bit cold and clammy. Others added the following– which I have ranked below in order of ascending (to me) grossness:

Eye candy
Knuckle sandwich
Elbow grease
Long in the tooth
Pissed off
No sweat
Pizza face
and– the $100,000 winner– Verbal diarrhea

I look forward (in that way that you watch a horror film through your fingers) to any additions you might have

P.S. Because there were a number of questions about this: “behavioral leakage” is a term used in my field– media training– for when a person’s words and actions don’t match; his or her mouth is saying one thing, but actions are speaking louder….