Let’s Get Interactive

Hello, hello:

Up until now, “Did They Wow?” was a forum for commentary on the wow factor of various public figures. What I’d like to do now is create a place for day-to-day commentary on the wow factor of those around me (and you.) Did someone near and dear to you wow you? Or were you, in fact, not wowed?

Because I don’t wish to skew negative, I’ll put the following story from my day into a positive light and let you take away from it what you will:

Should you set up a meeting with someone and find you have to cancel because you are not, in fact, in Manhattan, you will wow them far more if you don’t let them know this ten minutes before the meeting time when they are already sitting in your office having come in from outside Manhattan themselves solely for this meeting.

You will wow them even more if you let them know this via telephone, rather than via email.

Your thoughts?