Frances Cole is an outstanding presenter. I needed a dynamic speaker for a small business expo and Frances was the perfect fit. In particular, her tips on presentation techniques were great takeaways. In fact, it was fun to watch her put them into place while simultaneously learning what they are. Once you hear a presentation from Frances, you’re on your way to a more engaging delivery style. Her sense of humor, wit and directness is both instructive and entertaining and a true asset to any event or training. I highly recommend her for speaking engagements.

Kimberly Duva

Director of Business Development, The Wall Street Journal

Scott Kavanagh

I just wanted to thank you again for the incredible job you did speaking at The Art of Sales in Calgary and Vancouver. You were excellent. I have heard numerous comments from attendees on how much they enjoyed your presentation.

Scott Kavanagh

Principal, “The Art of” Productions

Frances made such an impact on our group. People who were presenting after her, scrambled to change their presentations based on the teachings they had just learned. I have had numerous comments from my attendees about how useful Frances’ information was and will be in their every day business.

Robin Mercer

VP of Sales Operations, Picis, Inc.

Robert Gowan

Frances brings her books to life with an engaging and entertaining presentation. I would highly recommend Frances to any group or organization wanting to improve their ability to make an positive, lasting impact their clientele.

Robert Gowan

Managing Partner of Southern Strategy Group of Tennessee