One- Hour Presentation Skills Overview:

This one-hour session covers the principles always in play—no matter the subject or the situation. The information includes:

Introduction of the UCLA Study Percentages of Influence:
7% verbal: people only remember 7% of the words you say
38% vocal: 38% of your influence comes from your tonal quality
55% physical: 55% of your impact comes from what your body is doing while you’re speaking.

Maximizing the Verbal
Incorporating the 12 most persuasive words in the English language
Avoiding the useless modifier/The importance of living language
Proven phrasing for increasing listener buy-in from 60 to 94%

Maximizing the Vocal
Understanding/optimizing your tonal quality
Conveying authority: the power of the pause
Keeping facts and figures interesting

Maximizing the Physical
Introducing yourself to maximize authority
Sitting to maximize others’ trust
Playing to your team: optimizing the impression you leave behind

The Elements of Storytelling
What’s their egg?
Selling a ticket to treasure
The Promise and the Ask

Meeting Preparation/Presentation
Researching your audience/client’s agenda/Decoding unspoken agendas
Ally or observer? Quarterback or Closer? The importance of defining the team’s roles
Preparing the answers to the worst 3 questions you’ll be asked

Question and Answer Techniques
Rephrasing a question to maximize your advantage
Managing the unstated question—listening for intent as well as content
Techniques for ensuring you respond, rather than react
Handling overtly hostile questions

Making Power Point Powerful
Setting up the physical space to support your message
Incorporating the 10/20/30 Rule to structure your presentation
The power of the “Rule of 3” for maximum information retention
Creating speaking notes that enhance your visuals

Two-Hour Presentation Skills Overview and Team Break Out Work

This session begins with the information listed above. The second hour is used for team break out work during which team members talk through the structure of their current presentations, and decide how these might be modified based on the information learned during the first hour. This approach allows for immediate, hands-on application of the new information to your existing materials—and subsequent, immediate change, driven and implemented by your team. It also provides a forum for team-wide discussion of frequently faced hurdles and challenges, and allows for group consensus with regard to how these might be best handled going forward.

Four Hour Presentation Skills Overview, Team Break Out Work, and On-Camera Training

This four-hour session utilizes hours one and two as above. During the final two hours team members have the opportunity to work privately, on-camera with Frances. This format allows members the freedom to speak openly about personal presentation concerns, ask questions about how they might handle another team members’ style, and make concrete decisions regarding how to improve going forward.


Working together with you, Frances will find the meeting place between the needs and concerns of your audience, and your objective in speaking to them. With that in hand, your speechwriting road map will be created– incorporating language that is both natural to you and compelling to them.