These 4 Words = Quarantine Chaos (Guaranteed)

Hello and how’s everybody doing?

While some of you may be finding the “new normal” is starting to feel, well, normal, others of you may be contemplating space travel.  

In the hope of offsetting potential eruptions (and/or cleaning up eruptions that might have already occurred) I am sending along four words I have identified as being the least helpful thing you can say these days—to anyone, about anything:

“I told you so.”

Yep. That’s right.

Why are these four damaging?

Because in the best of times there are few among us who—when confronted with them—will pull up a saintly smile and say, “Yes, darling, it’s true. You did tell me so and you were so right.”

And these aren’t the best of times.

That said, I recognize it’s super-hard not to be monitoring everyone around you right now. Space is tight. Company is limited. And it’s so, so, so much easier (not to mention more fun) to focus on what other people should be doing differently than to contemplate what you might do differently.

But that leads to quarantine chaos.

With this in mind, then, I recommend using this time to get up in your own business (Hence, the photo above) and stay out of the business of those around you.

I guarantee it will make your quarantine far more comfortable than this yoga pose.


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