How to Wow With Frances Cole Jones

A workshop on making your mark in business and in life

This 7 day online workshop will provide you with proven strategies for selling your *brilliant* self in any situation and will arm you with the confidence to be calm and commanding in all you do.
Corporate coach Frances Cole Jones has helped numerous CEOs, celebrities, and public personalities present their best selves on camera and onstage, in boardrooms and in person; now you have direct access to her in this interactive workshop!

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$50.00 Before Friday

Starts May 21

7 Days Total

What’s Included

Daily Videos

Frances teaches you how to present, persuade & leave a WOW impression.

Community Forum

Exclusively for workshop participants to get support from each other & Frances.

Daily Exercises & Introspection

Designed to teach you how to market yourself effectively in any situation.

Here's How the 7-Day How To Wow Workshop Works:

How often have you left an interview, a meeting, a presentation, an audition, thinking, “That’s it! I nailed it!” only to discover you didn’t get the job, the client, the account, the funding, the part? Alternatively, how often have you left with a bad case of the “if only’s”?

Due to the speed of the world we live in, these thoughts are compounded by the fact that we’re rarely off duty. An elevator ride with our CEO turns into an impromptu presentation, our lunch date becomes a job interview, our conversation at a cocktail party sets the stage for a potential business merger.

But it’s possible to be far more in command of how you’re perceived than you currently realize. You have far more control—in situations that are seemingly out of your control—than you know. There are proven strategies that will leave your audience, interviewer, or whomever you are aiming to impress, thinking, “Now that’s someone I want to work with.”

You will learn those strategies in this workshop!

Each day, you’ll watch a new video where Frances will help you learn how to be calm, confident and in command of your business and life. You’ll also get to practice putting her advice into action with daily introspections and exercises. All participants also get access to a private community forum with Frances so you can continue to inspire and support each other.

Course Overview


Your most persuasive words

Negotiation is an art, and when used properly can yield amazing results. In today’s lesson you’ll learn how to get what you want while keeping everyone satisfied.


Interview fearlessly & flawlessly

You don’t have to dread interviews. Today I’ll go over how to nail your interview, and how to seal the deal afterward.


Take the bored out of the boardroom

By the end of today’s lesson you will have a clear plan of action to maximize your meetings and make your point effectively in front of a crowd.


Do you want to sound that way?

Today focuses on how your tone of voice can have an impact on the way people perceive you - even if it's just your voicemail greeting.


Email doesn’t have to be the devil

A lot of our daily communication happens via email, so take some time to really think about the way you want to be perceived using this medium. You’ll learn my do’s and don’ts for email etiquette.


Directing your online meeting

Online meetings are just as important as face-to-face meetings and you’ll need to prepare the same way in order to present your best self. Today we’ll prepare you for your close up and help you direct your online presence.


Wrap-up & thanks!

You are well on your way to WOWing your employer, colleagues and friends! Keep practicing with some of these extra tips!