February 7, 2019

“Graveyards are Filled with the Bodies of Indispensable Men”

The multiply attributed quote, “Graveyards are filled with the bodies of indispensable men” was brought home to me in a whole new way this past week.

Never fear, nothing catastrophic occurred.

Rather, I found myself in not one, but two, situations where I had fooled myself into thinking that my presence was necessary to others’ productivity/peace of mind.

And I had damned the consequences to my own productivity and peace of mind.

As you can imagine, this was gearing up to end badly.

Thankfully, I still had the wit to check in those far cleverer than I who pointed out that I was acting a little nuts-o.

(I believe that was the technical term they used.)

So I wrote some uncomfortable emails, and picked up the phone for a few awkward conversations and guess what—everybody was OK with my stepping away.

Can you guess who was the most OK? Me.

Lordy, I feel better.

With this in mind, then, should those around you start using technical terms like “nuts-o” to describe how you’re showing up, I highly recommend reminding yourself that graveyards are filled with the bodies of indispensable men.

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